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What We Do

Membership in the Pennsylvania Association of Federal Programs Coordinators (PAFPC)organization offers a wide-range of opportunities, resources, and up-dates. The organization is dedicated to “proactively empowering educational leaders and instructional staff to implement effective State and Federal Programs to increase student achievement and meet the needs of the students of Pennsylvania.”

Each and every day, professionals and paraprofessionals across our state strive to intervene when our children struggle with learning. Our districts/schools continue to face daily challenges in understanding and responding to federal programs in an ever-changing educational climate with limited financial resources, extensive reporting, data tracking, extensive federal and state guidelines, and, for many, multiple job responsibilities. PAFPC works hard toreach out to its membership to effectively try to address these challenges.

PAFPC's goal is to support state/federal programs as part of that intervention. Practitioners across the Pennsylvania work to not only use “research-based strategies”, but to employ methods to point our school children in the right direction so they may meet with personal success and educational growth.

Voting Privileges

Membership in PAFPC includes voting privileges and access to a members-only section of the PAFPC website. Professional members are school districts, non-public schools, charter schools, individual administrators, supervisors, coordinators, teachers, and program supporters of federal education programs in public and non-public schools, agencies, and institutions.

State-wide Support

PAFPC members receive extensive state-wide support and timely information about the implementation of ESEA and other federal programs. Membership also includes direct mailings and web-based information announcing important meetings held in your region of the State and the name(s) of regional or state contact person(s) who may be contacted to give you region-based technical assistance or advice.

Top 10 Reasons for Becoming a Member

  1. Committed to understand and stay on top of legislative decisions concerning federal education programs by providing current news of the legislative activity in PA and Washington D.C. in PAFPC's web-site's members-only section.
  2. Proactively promotes the progress of federal education programs in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania.
  3. Maintains a close working partnership with the Pennsylvania Department of Education (PDE), SPAC, and local, state, and national organizations concerned with federal education programs.
  4. Provides up-to-date information about current or impending legislative matters concerning federal education programs.
  5. Supports programs that have a beneficial impact on educational opportunities for all students
  6. Provides networking opportunities and a wide variety of resources to administrators, coordinators, and instructional staff working to improve the quality and efficiency of their federal education programs.
  7. Committed to preserving and improving federal education programs for students with special needs and diverse backgrounds
  8. Provides a forum through the PAFPC newsletters' ‘the Outlook' and online ‘Outlook Express', the organization website, “Title Tidbits”, direct mailings on news of all Association-sponsored conferences, PDE/PAFPC partnered meetings, and regional executive board contacts, to obtain up-to-date information and/or share concerns/questions/information about federal education programs with state and federal legislators, PDE contacts, administrators, and colleagues.
  9. Provides members with a network of support services and expertise from colleagues
  10. Is actively involved with political action as an affiliate of NAFEPA, National Association of Federal Education Program Administrators


Pennsylvania Association of Federal Program Coordinators
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