Help - Sub-accounts

If your membership includes multiple members or "seats", each of your co-workers will have their own account on our site. These accounts are called "sub-accounts". After you've registered and paid your invoice, your account (the "master account") will be activated. At that point you can sign in and activate your sub-accounts. 

  • Navigate to the Manage Profile screen. There's a link at the top of every page once you've signed in.
  • Click on Sub-accounts

On the Sub-account screen there are 3 options for activating sub-accounts -

  1. Enter your co-worker's profile information for them. You'll need to enter name, address, phone, etc. This method takes the most time, therefore it's preferable to use methods 2 or 3 below.

  2. Copy/paste the invitation link and e-mail it to your co-workers. They will click on the link and self-register.

  3. Enter your co-worker's e-mail address(s) and click Send Invite. They will receive an e-mail with a click-back link to self-register.


Your co-workers will not be prompted to submit payment, as their accounts are already paid for under the master account.

After your sub-accounts have registered, their names will appear at the bottom of the Sub-accounts page, and your "available seats" at the top of the page will decrease.


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