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                         Thank you for your interest in PAFPC's 40 Hour PIL Course
                          Effective Federal Program Leadership (EFPL) for Principals
                         The Pennsylvania Association of Federal Programs Coordinators (PAFPC) is proud
                         to announce the Second Cohort of Effective Federal Program Leadership (EFPL) for
                         Principals. This is a Pennsylvania Inspired Leadership course approved for 40
                         continuing professional education hours for school and system leaders. If you
                         are interested in participating, please complete the Intent Survey at www.pafpc.org/EFPL.

                         The EFPL program is a PDE approved continuing Professional Education for School
                         and System Leaders (CPE) which focuses on Federal Program
                         Administrators/Coordinators or other district/school administrators whose job
                         descriptions include the administration of federal programs. The EFPL contains
                         the required work components for the administration of the federal programs.

                         The EFPL begins in the spring at the PAFPC Annual Conference when the Chief and
                         DFP staff present the significant changes and training for the upcoming year
                         along with the allocations for each school district. The PIL participants
                         receive concentrated training by experts in seven crucial areas of federal
                         programs. The EFPL coincides with the necessary federal program work activities
                         from that point in time until a year later when the district receives the
                         results of the single audit that reports the federal programs were implemented
                         in accordance with the statute, regulations, and guidelines.

                         Between the training by the experts and the district single audit, the EFPL
                         participants attend and participate in the New Coordinator meetings, complete
                         and gain approval of the eGrant application an d funds, attend and participate in
                         the fall regional meetings.

                         The PIL participants prepare and participate in the required federal programs
                         monitoring (FedMonitor). EduPlanet is the PAFPC and EFPL’s social learning
                         network that provides participants with online networking, collaboration and
                         document sharing. Throughout this entire process the assigned PAFPC Mentor
                         assists the EFPL participant. When necessary, the DFP Regional Coordinator may
                         also assist. A team effort exists from the training at the annual conference
                         until the ending activity of the Single Audit. The team effort ensures that
                         every activity is documented before the total 40 course hours are awarded.

                         Any questions please contact Dr. Tracey Karlie at trkarlie@masd.net or Dr.
                         Bobbie Schrall at dbschrall@zoominternet.net.