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    Do you work with...
    • Federal Programs?
    • Students in At-Risk situations?
    • School Improvement?
    • Neglected and Delinquent Programs?
    • Bilingual / ESL/Title III?
    • Other programs using federal and state dollars for students?

           Membership in the Pennsylvania Association of Federal Programs Coordinators (PAFPC)organization offers a wide-range of opportunities, resources, and up-dates. The organization is dedicated to “proactively empowering educational leaders and instructional staff to implement effective State and Federal Programs to increase student achievement and meet the needs of the students of Pennsylvania.”

           Each and every day, professionals and paraprofessionals across our state strive to intervene when our children struggle with learning. Our districts/schools continue to face daily challenges in understanding and responding to federal programs in an ever-changing educational climate with limited financial resources, extensive reporting, data tracking, extensive federal and state guidelines, and, for many, multiple job responsibilities. PAFPC works hard toreach out to its membership to effectively try to address these challenges.

           PAFPC's goal is to support state/federal programs as part of that intervention. Practitioners across the Pennsylvania work to not only use “research-based strategies”, but to employ methods to point our school children in the right direction so they may meet with personal success and educational growth.

Last Modified on September 9, 2010