2017 PAFPC Annual Conference Presentations



Second General Session Leslie Finnan
Third General Session Janel Vancas
Regional Meeting: Title I Federal Fiscal Requirements
- Download the PowerPoint
- Egrant PowerPoint
Regional Coordinator's
Federal Programs Consolidated Review/Monitoring
Erin Derr
Janice Joyce
Title I Allocations: Understanding My Award Amount; Impact of ESSA on Title I and Title II Allocations
Kelly Gallatin
New Coordinator Training
- Download the PowerPoint
- DFP Timeline (doc)
- Single Funding (doc)
- Title 1 Split Funded Cert (doc)
Erin Oberdorf
Uniform Grants Guidance - Overview of What We Know of Changes Impacting Federal Grants
Cindy Rhoads
Title II Part A: Supporting Effective Instruction
Donald McCrone
Proper Use of Fiscal Accountability for Title I Funds to Meet Student & Teacher Needs
Krista Showers
Title I Parent Involvement Requirements
Parent & Family Engagement Checklist
Sample School-Parent Compact
Erin Derr
eGrants: Updates and Review
- Download the PowerPoint
- Sign Off Process (doc)
- Printing Grant Agreement (doc)
- Printing Letters
Erin Oberdorf
Eric Philips
Schoolwide Programs: Components and Requirements (doc)
Maria Garcia
An Overview of Title I Nonpublic ESSA Changes (pdf)
- Final Affirmation
- PDE Guidance Intergovernmental Agreements
Tucker McKissick
Lynn Calvello
Community Eligibility Provision: Update
Jesse Fry
Top 10 Audit Findings - Things That Will Cost Your School Money & Negatively Impact Achievement (PDF)
Krista Showers
Creating Effective Performance Goals for Federal Grants
- Download the PowerPoint #1
- Download the PowerPoint #2
- Action Plan Template (doc)
Cindy Rhoads
Bethann McCain
Sue Conrady
Title I Fiscal Issues: Supplement/Supplant, MOE and Comparability
Dr. Jack Clark
What Everyone Ought to Know About Preparing For and Completing Your Consolidated Application in the eGrants System
Reba Kansiewicz
Tracy Rapisarda
Phil Cooper
Angie McGeehan
Title I Program Models Targeted Assistance VS Schoolwide (pdf)
Maria Garcia
Keeping Up-to-Date With Your Title I N & D Programs
Ken Krawchuck
Improved Student Achievement Through Effective Parent & Family Involvement/Engagement
Dr. Roberta Schrall
Title IV Part A: Student Support and Academic Enrichment Grants & Title V: Funding Transferability for LEAs
- Download the PowerPoint
- Grant Guide (doc)
Cindy Rhoads
Erin Oberdorf
Procurement Uniform Grant Guidance From a Purchasing & Cooperative Purchasing Perspective
Gina Brillhart
Heather Masshardt
Title I Fiscal Issues: Supplement/Supplant, MOE and Comparability
Donald McCrone
ESSA and Title III: Prioritizing Excellence and Equity for English Learners
- ESSA and Title III
- Title III Fiscal Requirements
Bob Measel
Jesse Fry
Utilizing the Comprehensive Plan/School Improvement Plan as a Tool to Facilitate Raising Student Achievement
Kelly Fortney
Jesse Fry




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